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Labor Day 2016

Monday, August 29th, 2016

It is Labor Day! Enjoy your day of rest and relaxation. This means that tomorrow, all the kids go back to school, and my teachers have to return to work after a summer of vacation.  The rush of plastic surgeries for the teachers is over, and now they start coming to book for Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

The first weeks of September are usually quieter for most people in my field, and an excellent time for vacation for me. I usually work hardest when most people are on vacation.  Although I am a professional and highly educated, I am a servant to the needs of the public, and therefore must make myself available at their convenience.

The side benefit of this strategy is that when I take vacation, most people are working.  This means the vacation spots are less crowded, and sometimes even less expensive.  You have to look on the bright side of things, as every seeming negative usually has a positive hiding somewhere.

The year has been quite rewarding for the first 2/3. I have a solid and stable staff, we just refreshed the entire Surgery Center OR and Recovery areas, and are getting ready to launch our new website design.  Our transition to electronic medical records continues, and we hope to be paperless by the end of the year.

Please keep reading weekly, as some exciting news will be revealed over the next months.  I will share details as they become finalized.  Enjoy the last day of Summer (unofficial), and get ready for an end of year to remember.

Jim McMahon Golf Outing

Monday, July 18th, 2016

I lost a very dear friend 3 years ago named Jim McMahon.  He was a golf pro and a tremendous person.  Every day, he comes into my mind in some way, be it a happy memory, funny story, or the desire to call him up to chat.  He can never be replaced.

In his honor, I helped start a golf outing in 2013, and this will be the 4th event.  His friends and family gather at New York Country Club in Rockland County, NY where he was head pro and play a charity golf event.  It has virtually sold out every year so far.

The event features breakfast, lunch, dinner, open bar, cocktail hour and full banquet dinner with prizes and free gifts.  The contestants from the Ms Dominican Republic US pageant are on hand to make everyone feel welcome as well.

Each year, all the money raised goes to charity.  We have given about $20,000 each year to help others and carry on Jim’s good name.  I always attend and play, and it is a bargain at $200.  This is tax deductable.

If you are interested in a fun filled day with me, go to eventbrite.com and search for Jim McMahon. This year, it is Monday, August 15th .    Hope to see you there.

Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer.  The weather is usually warm, and bbq’s are the order of the day.  It is a great time to get together with family and friends and to take a pause from the usual grind.

For me, it is the beginning of the mad rush of teachers and school employees wanting to book surgery for the end of June and the summer to take advantage of the time off.  I end up working every Saturday on the weekend so that I can be here for the community.  I never feel sorry for myself, as I am passionate about what I do.

I do not work Sunday and Monday, but that is the case every week.  The difference is that everyone else is available for a change.  To me, it is inconvenient, as my Monday is intruded upon by almost everyone.

If you are planning on summer surgery at Yager Esthetics, I advise you to try to get an appointment soon, as the dates disappear more quickly than you might think. I hate it when someone has their heart set on a day and I cannot accommodate them.

Enjoy your day, relax and reconnect with family and friends.  Remember, life is not forever, and good health should never be taken for granted.

It’s Leap Day!

Monday, February 29th, 2016

It is only every 4 years that we have an extra day in February.  Also, only one out of seven of those fall on a Monday.  That means a Leap Day blog from Yager Esthetics only comes once in over 20 years!  Being that I am finishing year 19 in private practice, I might not have the opportunity to do this again.  Even if I did, there will probably be more advanced technology, and logging into a website will seem so outdated.

I suggest that we all do something to celebrate this one Monday every 24 years.  I move that we call it “Leap Monday Madness.” Take a leap of faith and try something you have always been meaning to do, or let someone know how you feel about them.  How many Leap Mondays do we really have in life?

As I get older, I notice how time seems to pass more quickly.  I treasure each healthy day I have, and try not to waste too much time.  I am efficient in as many aspects of my life as possible, both personally and professionally.  Each day is a blessing.

I sometimes wish that every February would have 29 days, so I could have an extra day to achieve my goals each year.  I know it doesn’t really make sense mathematically, but it sounds good.

Let’s all take that leap today. Who knows what you might find out about yourself?

Valentine’s Day and Plastic Surgery

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a holiday in which you are supposed to proclaim your affections for that special someone.  Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and romantic meals are on the agenda.  So where does plastic surgery fit in?

Even though I am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, it would be hard for me to recommend the gift of cosmetic surgery to your loved one, especially if they never expressed an interest.  “Here you are, honey, I am paying for breast implants for your Valentine’s Day gift!”  She thinks, “Don’t you love me the way I am?  Maybe this is a gift for you!”

“To my husband on Valentine’s Day, the gift of liposuction of your fat belly and love handles!”  Romantic, or insulting?  You really have to be careful

My advice is to make that person feel special and loved every day, so that Valentine’s Day is essentially every day.