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The BRA- Thinking Big While Going Smaller

Monday, September 26th, 2016

One of my favorite operations in plastic surgery has always been Breast Reduction.  It is the only operation I still do that is not purely cosmetic.  It has been done for over 100 years, though techniques have changed.

I had always been very happy with my results, and still think my traditional breast reduction results compare to any I have seen.  The one thing I did not like, and is a limitation in breast lifts as well, is the lack of fullness in the upper part of the breast to make it seem more full and youthful.

Patients come to me because they have very large and heavy breasts, and want to remove the extra weight, and lift them so they appear more attractive.  What they want to look like is someone who had breast implants.  That’s when I got inspired.

Why not do a breast reduction and put in an implant at the same time? Breast Reduction Augmentation- BRA.  Of course, you need to be very careful technically to insure you preserve sensation and blood supply to the areaola and nipple.

I have performed the BRA about 30 times now, and have been more than thrilled with the results.  Implant selection and care with the size is crucial. I hope to publish my series soon.

So, going smaller does not mean it is necessarily a reduction alone.  Sometimes you need to go back a little farther to move ahead..

7 11- Are Numbers Lucky in Plastic Surgery?

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Every week, I operate between two and three days.  Each day, I have to organize the order of the cases based on the type of procedure, the patients’ health, and any preferences each might have.  Being that today is 7/11, 2 numbers considered lucky by some, I thought I would share my insights on case order, day of the week, and Friday the 13th.

I only schedule as many cases as I know I can do with complete concentration and maximal effort.  I will close the date when that number is booked, and everyone else will have to find a different day.  It is not fair to the other patients on that day.  To me, the first patient and the last patient are equally important, and the quality will be the same.

Not everyone can be the first case.  This is basic math.  First priority is always safety, so Diabetics are by necessity first when feasible.  I try to also do small fine motor cases such as eyelids early, as they are quick and recover easily.

I do not like doing big cases last, as recovery can be longer, and I want my staff to stay fresh and allow the patient extra time to be safely discharged.  Heavier patients also need more attention.

I love operating on Friday the 13th.  I experience no difference from any other Friday, and the patients who do not care are usually very rational people, which always helps.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays- it doesn’t matter to me.  I am as fresh on any of the days, as I take my work seriously and rest appropriately.  I take my responsibility to each patient as a sacred trust which I would never break.

The only lucky numbers in Plastic Surgery are 212-543-1700.  That is my telephone number at Yager Esthetics.

Half Year Report

Monday, July 4th, 2016

It is now July, which means half of 2016 is gone.  The older you get, the faster the time slips away from you.  As you know, I always do a year end review of my results so I can keep my quality at its best.  I thought I would reflect on a few trends I have found in the first half of 2016.

Surgical demand remains high, and I continue to see an increase in Brazilian Butt Lifts.  I have done as many as four in a single day, and this year should do more than 200.  I have a long experience and have honed my technique to get the best results, but there are still limits to how much fat will stay, and it is very patient dependent.

I continue to be the tummy tuck guy, approaching 200 a year as well.  I have changed my suturing technique for the muscle, and have been even more pleased.  I continue to do “retucks”, abdominoplasties after others have done them in the past.  Challenging, but very rewarding.

I have assembled a great staff, and continue to strive for the best patient experience.  We are more automated, trying to go fully paperless this year.  I pads are in increasing use, and the tech continues to help us give a better experience.

As I am now officially in my 20th year of private practice, I want to thank the tens of thousands of you who have come to Yager Esthetics.  We are the Latino beauty experts, in the community for the community.

Make Your Plastic Surgery Fun

Monday, May 16th, 2016

As I get ready to start my twentieth year at Yager Esthetics, I think back on all the different patients I have had the pleasure of helping.  Each personality is different, and a good doctor must adjust accordingly.  My interactions with each are professional, but vary in style.

There are the nervous patients who are embarrassed to even mention what they want done.  They are reluctant to be examined, and are more shy about having my female escort see them than myself.  I have to stay calm and soothing, and let them go at their own pace.  I can usually put them at ease enough to give them the information they need.

There are the totally dominated by the husband/boyfriend/family member types.  These patients do not open their mouths, but have others spoken for them while they look down or away.  The key is to make sure that the desire for surgery is their own, not that of the other, and to empower the patient to take control.  Sometimes I have to remove the other person from the room to get this done.

There are the crazy patients who come in two varieties- quirky and dangerous. The quirky ones just have their own view on life, and you need to make sure you are on the same page with the esthetic they are looking for.  They are enjoyable.  The dangerous types have no moral compass, or a skewed idea of what to expect.  I was taught that you can’t argue with crazy, so I try my best to avoid operating on these patients.

The confident patients are the easiest.  They know what they want, take personal responsibility, and are doing the procedure for themselves.  Never an issue.

Lastly, there are the soul vampires- people who feel they own you because they paid for a procedure.  They want 24/7 access to you forever, not just for emergencies.  They take all of life’s problems out on you, and refuse to be happy.

I say, enjoy the process of plastic surgery.  It is happy surgery that you choose to look better.  Let your personality show, be honest and open, and don’t be afraid to laugh at the process.  Remember, we are sticking bags of gel and water in our chests, sucking out fat we refuse to diet away, and trying to fool the world into thinking we are younger by tightening skin or injecting goo and toxins in our faces.  It is ridiculous, but it makes people happy.

Income Tax and Plastic Surgery

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Today, your taxes are due.  Mine as well.  Nobody seems to enjoy this day unless a refund is due them.  That has unfortunately never happened to me.

Income tax refunds are used by many of my patients for plastic surgery.  A check comes in that you are not expecting, and you start to think of what fun things you can do with it.  After a few years, you plan on it being there.  I have always found this fascinating.

As income tax loan advancements became more popular, the surge in plastic surgery came a bit earlier.  Now in late January to February, the dates are being filled up.  Couple that with the Spring Break holidays, and April is insane.

This is my 19th tax season at Yager Esthetics, and it always keeps me busy.  Earning the money I need to pay my taxes works out well.  In reality, the government is receiving a loan from the people who overpay all year long and then giving it back.  After this, the people give it to me, and I send it back to the government.  The circle of life!

I love it when tax season brings happiness to others.  It is otherwise sad for me.