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Do Not Have Plastic Surgery

I am a board certified plastic surgeon with 20 years of experience in private practice.  I do exclusively cosmetic plastic surgery, and derive all of my income from this.  I love performing the procedures, and think that I am quite good at it, achieving excellent results.  Why would I want you to NOT have plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is not for everyone.  Some people are not healthy enough for elective surgery, even if the need for cosmetic improvement is there. Primun non nocere- first do no harm.  Beauty is not worth your life.

Others do not really need the surgeries.  If the degree of concern far outweighs the level of the deformity, it might not be a plastic surgeon you need to see.  Body Dysmorphic Disorder, anorexia, and even low self esteem can lead to seeking procedures you do not need.

Your motivation may be wrong.  The only reason to do elective plastic surgery is for you.  It should enhance who you are, not make you somebody else.  Do not change for any other person.  If they do not see how beautiful and special you are right now, you are better off without them.

So, to those who fit into the categories above, please do not have plastic surgery.  I would rather earn less than take money for the wrong reasons.

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