Yager Esthetics Holiday Party

Every year, we have a holiday party at our office. It is a chance to take a moment and enjoy each others’ company as friends instead of coworkers. No phones to answer, no charts to file, no patients to attend to. It is a wonderful opportunity.

I also enjoy meeting the families of my employees, seeing new children and grandchildren, and marveling at the changes that can occur in just one year. There are few things more beautiful than the growth of a healthy child.

It occurred to me that I could take something important away from this experience, aside from the enjoyment of a great party with good food and nice people. It could serve as a model for patient interaction.

What if I treated each patient like a new friend I was meeting at my party? Each one getting the friendship experience more than the doctor’s office treatment? What a nice way to forge a relationship based more on mutual respect and admiration than commerce?
I will try this, and keep you posted. Do not be surprised when I smile at you like I know you!