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Buttock Augmentation instead of buttock reshaping



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Duration: 30 to 60 mins
Recovery Time: 1 to 2 wks
Anesthesia: Monitored Sedation or General
Helpful Hints: Cannot sit or lie on back for 1 week
Results are not seen right away
Commonly Combined with: Liposuction
Cellulite Treatments

This procedure involves taking your own fat through a liposuction procedure to place in areas where there is volume loss. Dr. Yager will extract a sufficient amount of fat from your abdomen, thighs or back, and prepare it to be injected into the buttock. Since he injects your own fat, there is no chance of allergic reaction. Each patient has different aesthetic goals, so fat grafting is customized to each patient’s desires. Although uncommon in our practice, it can be used to improve facial contours that have changed over time. This is a two-stage procedure; fat is harvested and then injected. It is commonly done in our practice in conjunction with other body reshaping procedures or as a stand-alone procedure. Although some fat will survive permanently, you will need a touch up in one to two years to maintain a lasting result. Using your own fat is also a safer alternative to buttock implants. Buttock reshaping is a very popular procedure in our practice, especially among our Latina patients, and is often combined with tummy tucks and liposuction.

Many of my patients want to enhance the curve of the buttocks. It sounds simple, but it really is an art. Some need the fullness on the sides to create a nice curve to make the waist appear more narrow, some prefer the enlargement to go in the center to have it protrude more on profile. At your visit to Yager Esthetics | Estética™, I will discuss with you all of your options, and can even show you how it might look on your own body with computer imaging.

Being an expert in plastic surgery for the Hispanic community, I unfortunately see women who have had silicone and other unidentified liquids injected into the buttocks in salons and spas, or outside the country. This is illegal, and potentially dangerous. Removing it is sometimes impossible as well.

I do not use buttocks implants, as they have a fairly high rate of infection and removal due to discomfort sitting and walking, and come in limited sizes and contours that make creating a full, round buttock nearly impossible.

Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Transfer to the buttocks, or gluteal augmentation are all terms that are used for using your own body’s fat to enhance the buttocks. I feel it is the safest option, creates the most natural results, and has the lowest complication rate of any of the techniques. If you have extra fat in another part of the body that you would like to remove, it is a “win-win”. I perform fat transfer to the buttocks over 100 times a year, and the satisfaction rate is extremely high.