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Cosmetic Surgery for Ethnic Patients

As in nature, the human beauty comes in many different shapes and forms, even the human face. No matter what ethnic group, each has their own unique characteristics. The main focus of cosmetic surgery for ethnic patients is to resolve nasal, eye, chin and other issues whether it be cosmetic or functional, without removing the uniqueness of a patients face. Surgical artists know how to mold a patient, into a better version of them. Ethnic rhinoplasty is one of the surgical procedures that many ethnic groups undergo. It is a nasal surgery with the goal to surgically alter the nose without changing a patient’s ethnic characteristics. The goal of ethnic rhinoplasty, as with all nasal surgery, is to create a symmetrical; aesthetically pleasing nose that matches every individual patient’s face. Ethnic noses may require significant change of the internal structures in order to change the external appearance.

For ethnic patients, Lotus Medical International is a five star medical tourism firm, having won many accolades for their premium services. The treatment facility is based in the UK, but has been operating out of Thailand more than seven years. Lotus Medical International has more than 18 years of experience in the medical field. Their focus is to provide the highest quality of care as well as services to their patients in terms of medical tourism. Providing a wide variety of surgical procedures and dental procedures, Lotus Medical International is considered a pioneer in the medical tourism services.

Based on the ethnic background and individual patient’s needs, at Westside Aesthetics, Dr. Rivkin believes that his patients are entitled to receiving exceptional cosmetic care. The firm’s tranquil and luxurious setting allows for this. Dr. Alexander Rivkin as well as all the staff of Westside Aesthetics has one focus, and it is to make sure that your experience is easy and enjoyable. By using the most advanced therapeutic skin therapies available today, each treatment provides optimal results with little or no recovery time.

Dr. Babak Dadvand is a breast specialist who is renowned in providing the best surgeries to the ethnic patients to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. Breast surgery and Revision breast surgery are his passions. His practice is based in Los Angeles. Dr. Dadvand is a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as well as a trained fine artist. “Revision breast surgery should be performed by a surgeon with the experience and innovation needed to take on these difficult cases. As a revision breast surgery specialist, I take on cases that other surgeons turn down because of their complexity.” – Dr. Babak Dadvand.

A nose job is a widespread procedure for ethnic patients. Depending on the ethnicity, a rhinoplasty is sought after by the patients to enhance the shape of their noses. Dr. Sam Rizk is a pioneer in Rhinoplasty surgery to enhance nose shape and is a board certified surgeon who performs plastic surgery with a high rate of success. He is a specialist in Rhinoplasty and also performs other procedures as facelift, neck lift surgeries too. "The perception and creation of beauty in a nose is an artistic innate quality which can be observed by looking at a surgeon's results, unrelated to training or experience. That being said, training and experience provide the necessary tools to achieve this goal, but are insufficient in and of themselves. When I perform a rhinoplasty, it is not a standard stamped procedure. I have no signature rhinoplasty. Each rhinoplasty I perform is a customized unique nose in harmony with a patient's face which compliments and beautifies the person." – Dr. Sam Rizk.

If you want to avail the best plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments, Dr. Toni Nassar’s Hospital in Beirut offers a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Their services include plastic surgery, gynecology, hair transplant and breast augmentation with many more surgical procedures. Toni Nassar, who is a Lebanese surgeon and part of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, has a specialization is lipolaser surgery using the technology called Vibrolipolaser.

Western Vascular Institute is another private practice of renowned board certified vascular and endovascular surgeons that include Dr. Mitar Vranic and Dr. Henry Tarlian. Together with their staff, they are highly trained and very professional, to their approach in plastic surgery. The institute offers the most technologically advanced vein treatment procedures and vascular disorder treatments keeping pace with the latest advancements.

Patients undergoing breast cancer surgeries need to wear recovery products to get the optimum results and avoid any complications. Mastectomy bras are the perfect surgery recovery products for women post breast cancer surgery and Make Me heal is a pioneer in bringing you the most effective and reliable mastectomy bras for you to get the optimum results. Make Me Heal is the world’s leading medical products provider and a variety of plastic surgery recovery products are available exclusively for you at the most affordable rates.

Anti-Aging Treatments for Ethnic Patients

Although the majority of the world's population consists of people of ethnic skin and Asian subjects are factually more than half of the total population of the earth, only few research studies have targeted the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic skin procedures in the ethnic-specific types of skin. All racial groups are eventually subjected to the skin-aging process, though generally, Caucasian skin has an earlier start and greater skin wrinkling and sagging signs than other skin types. As aging clearly differs from person to person, the most obvious ethnic skin difference relates to the color of the skin which is dominated by the presence of melanin. The resultingsubstance from this polymer affects the rate of the aging changes between the different racial groups. As the sensitivity of the skin is also quite similar across these different groups, the stimuli for its induction shows significant differences. A darker skin type tends to dry and crack more often. This effect is often compounded by a greater tendency toward acne, as one of the most common conditions for which all patients, including those with skin of color, are seeking dermatological care.

Some anti-aging facial procedures that can help and benefit ethnic patients are including using the cleansing and exfoliating system to improve oil skin and reduce skin irregularities along with rejuvenating of aging skin. The use of derma roller along with filler and Botox procedures will also help patients to look younger with less fine lines and wrinkles.

A variety of anti-aging body treatments are also proven to be beneficial such as body contouring, which is a cosmetic procedure to eliminate or reduce excess skin and fat that remains after pregnancy or losing a significant amount of weight. The use of such systems like the ProBody Slim & Shape Anti-Cellulite Massager would definitely accelerate the process of fat and cellulite burning and in the same time, re-contouring the body.

The Oxynergy Paris products line-up, which was founded in 2001 by Raphaël Duérinck, offers you a complete range of skin care treatment products.Besides skin cleansing, skin exfoliation products and various choices of anti-aging and anti-wrinkles products as well as other related skin care treatment products, an oxygen therapy device to be used for facials and body professional treatments is also available offering oxygen jet needle-free injection (O2 mesotherapy), as well as oxygen spray, cryo lifting, dermabrasion, RF and ultrasound.

Having health treatments on various skin parts of your body have never been easier and more efficient than using ORA spa-quality beauty tools range of products. The ProSonic GLOW functions as a cleansing and exfoliating brush system which can improve oil skin, smooth the rough points, reduce skin irregularities and rejuvenate the texture of aging skin. While the ProBodySlim & Shape Anti-Cellulite Massagerwill burn fat and cellulite with light waves while re-contouring your body using the massager. The ORA Needle Rollerreduces and softens scars from injury, acne, and surgery along with the effort of reducing if not eliminating the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, and large pores.

In the area of Beverly Hills, California, visiting Epione, one of the few, most comprehensive laser and aesthetic surgery centers of its kind in the world, would be a wise decision if you are looking for a complete cosmetic surgery procedures. Ranging from a wide range of face treatments, such as acne, Botox, eyelid surgery; skin treatments, including acne scar removal, collagen wrinkle filler, mole removal surgery; body treatments, namely arm lift surgery, liposuction, tattoo removal, tummy tuck; and hair as well as breast treatments. On the other side of the world, specifically in Bekaa, Lebanon, similar comprehensive procedures are also performed by Dr. Michel Chamoun together with his team at the Orliss Laser and Aesthetic Clinic, while back in the New York City, practicing in the Hellman Dermatology Clinic, there is also Dr. Judith Hellman, a board-certified dermatologist, specializing in laser surgery, dermatological surgery, and anti-aging skin treatments, providing a complete cosmetic surgery.

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