What is a Medi-Spa?

What is a Medi-Spa?There are many nonsurgical treatments for beauty, and spas and salons can offer high quality facials, massage, masks and wraps to help you look and feel better.  They are often beautiful spots which cater to customers.  Why should you go to a Medi-Spa?

A little over 10 years ago, doctors who do mainly cosmetic surgery, especially plastic surgeons, began thinking it would be a good idea to offer spa services to patients.  It was a nice compliment to surgery and laser treatments.  The results were mixed, depending on the doctor.

If a physician wants to make a little extra money doing peels, massage and facials, and has poorly trained staff handle patients in unoccupied rooms that do not offer a luxury experience, they often do poorly.

At the ySpa, the Medi-Spa of Yager Esthetics, we built specific suites for each spa treatment to maximize the  patient experience.  Only Registered Nurses and Licensed Estheticians provide treatments under the my supervision.  Each treatment is tested for effectiveness and safety before it is offered, because we will never invest in technology that we are not sure will be of benefit to our patients.

At ySpa, as in any good Medi-Spa, your advantage is that we can offer prescription strength products, peels, and treatments, as well as laser and IPL treatments which require a doctor’s supervision.  This means more effective options, and the chance to correct bigger cosmetic problems.

If you have a great facialist, or love your spa’s pampering and results, I encourage you to remain loyal.  If you are searching for a more effective treatment that your salon does not provide, visit us at ySpa, or whichever Medi-Spa you trust.

Anesthesia and Plastic Surgery

More patients have realized the importance of finding a board certified plastic surgeon with the right experience to enhance their chances of good results.  While this is a step in the right direction, it is not only checking you need to do.

The physical act of the operation is rarely dangerous in cosmetic plastic surgery, assuming you have found a board certified plastic surgeon.  The anesthesia you receive, where the operation takes place, and who is giving the anesthesia are critical.

Make sure you know where your surgery will take place before agreeing to schedule.   It should be an Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center or Hospital.  You can check with AAAASF, JCAHO, and AAAHC to insure the site is inspected every year, and is currently certified.  The center should be able to show you a certificate good during the date you are having your procedure. 

Simply having surgery in an office means there is no oversight or control over the operating room or emergency protocols, and if it is anything more than a mole, it should make you nervous.

Some doctors save money by giving anesthesia themselves, or using a Nurse Anesthetist instead of a board certified anesthesiologist (a doctor with specialty training in anesthesia). I do not feel I can give you anesthesia and concentrate on your surgery at the same time.  While some Nurse Anesthetists are fantastic, I feel more comfortable with a doctor giving anesthesia.  I am not trained in anesthesia, and shouldn’t be supervising a nurse in that capacity  if I am not an expert in that field.

So, do your homework- board certified plastic surgeon, board certified anesthesiologist, accredited surgical center.  Good luck!

State of the Art in Buttocks Shaping

State of the Art in Buttocks ShapingBeing the plastic surgeon to the Hispanic community, I am very aware of the desires of my patients for a full, round butt.  In fact, the Brazillian Butt Lift, or fat transfer to the buttocks, is the fastest growing procedure in my practice.  Being known as a specialist in gluteal augmentation, or butt lifts, I also see patients who have tried other methods such as silicone injections and butt implants.  The ones I see are the ones with complications.

Silicone injections to the buttocks are actually illegal in the U.S.  Not to mention, only a doctor licensed to practice in the state where the injection takes place or a nurse under his direct supervision may inject anything into your body.  If someone is a doctor in their country, or a nurse alone, they cannot inject silicone into your buttocks legally.  That is why it is done in apartments, back rooms of spas, and salons.  They call it biopolymer, botox, collagen, or whatever, but it is always silicone.  Do not let this happen to you.

If everything goes right, you may not have a problem.  If there is the slightest impurity, it can create a lifetime of problems and complications that are sometimes impossible to correct.  Permanent color changes, lumps, infections, and abscesses have all been seen in my office.

The solid silicone implants also have issues.  They cannot correct asymmetries , are sometimes uncomfortable to sit on, and can look unnatural.  I do not think they are a good option for most cases.

The fat transfer to buttocks, or Brazillian Butt lift, is incredibly versatile.  You are putting your own fat where you want it, and with proper care, the results can be terrific.  You can even repeat the fat transfer to the buttocks to keep adding to the size, and shape the butt any way you like.

While some patients can lose volume after the butt lift, most are quite happy.  Having the option of repeating the fat transfer makes achieving the desired results much easier except for the patient with no extra fat.  These patients are rare.

Plastic Surgery in Latin Men

While the overwhelming majority of my patients are still Latin women, the number of men seeking cosmetic plastic surgery is definitely on the rise.  In fact, it is one of the fastest growing segments of my practice in 2011 so far. 

The most common procedures for men are liposuction of the love handles and lower abdomen, as well as the chest.  These are the most frequent patterns of male fat deposits.  With the advances in liposculpture and the minimal downtime, it appeals to more men.  Who doesn’t want to look better at the beach?

The other frequently performed procedures on men are nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), eyelids, and face and neck. As we live longer, and have to work more years, a youthful appearance is associated with more energy.  Not to mention, the pursuit of women sometimes changes a man’s perspective on plastic surgery.

Skin care, wrinkle injections such as botox and fillers, as well as peels are also on the rise in Hispanic men. Little or no downtime from work and instant results are an easy sell.

So, if you are a Hispanic man, it is time to consider the benefits that cosmetic surgery has to offer.  If you are a the wife or girlfriend of a Hispanic man, and feel there is room for improvement, give him the support he needs to come in.