Writing Music and Plastic Surgery

After an embarrassingly long time away from writing and playing music, I recently formed a new band in all the free time I do not have.  I used to play the drums, sing, and write original music.  I was never great, but it was such a fun experience being a part of the creative process.

While I perform surgery, there is always music on in the background.  As each year I am busier, I spend more time in surgery.  More time in the operating room means more time to listen to music.  Listening to more music makes me think of playing and writing music, and here I am again back in a band.

What does this have to do with you, the prospective plastic surgery patient?  Surprisingly, quite a bit.  When listening to and writing music, my creative energies spike.  This has lead to even more artistic results, and an improved surgical process.  Every movement, suture, incision is like a symphony, and each patient an obra maestra. 

Some day soon I will share some of my music with you.  Just like new technology, products, or procedures, I do not offer them to my patients until I am sure of the quality and benefit.  Maybe you will hear it when you come to our operating room.

Plastic Surgery Commercials on Radio and Television

There are more and more advertisements for plastic surgery on television and the radio. As with any commercial, the effectiveness comes from hearing it over and over, and from the feeling of the listener or viewer that if it is on tv or the radio, it must be good. These are dangerous assumptions.

I have advertised on the television and radio in the past to attempt to let more patients know about Yager Esthetics. You can see my commercial on youtube if you look. It worked pretty well, and my approach was to just let actual patients talk about their experience with my office. It was tasteful, and I feel good about it. So why did I stop after a few months?

For the most part, the other commercials I saw and heard were from less than professional offices. Many were misleading as to the qualifications of the doctors, and some were unethical. I did not want to be associated with that group of doctors. Advertising is a paid attempt to sell goods or services, and is not truly regulated. Many are not Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery- some are Facial Plastic Surgeons (ENT) with no formal training in surgery of the breast and body, others Board Certified Surgeons ( some Ob Gyn) who fancy themselves qualified.

Being a recognized expert in plastic surgery for the Hispanic community, I am interviewed a lot on television and in magazines and newspapers (see the clips on our homepage). I am answering the questions of the public, and commenting on stories of the day. It is educational for the audience, and not trying to sell anything. I would prefer that people enjoy their time watching television to relax, not to feel like they have to obtain a service to be a better person. Thankfully, the cable tv statistics for 2020 seem to back up this mindset, as people want the best way to watch their favorite content, not to find their favorite plastic surgeon.

I am flattered every time someone takes their time to visit me at Yager Esthetics, and honored when they choose me to perform their procedures. I feel good knowing that they are here for me, I have used no slick or misleading words to fool anyone as to my training, and that I have earned the trust of my community to be the choice for so many women and men.

I Need a Vacation

I take a vacation usually once or twice a year, mostly for my family. I know some people use more vacation time, what with your holiday rentals being so alluring. It makes sense, but I love what I do, and it rarely seems like work. I worry about my patients when I am not there, even though I have another board-certified plastic surgeon available when I am away. No one knows my patients like I do, and if anything should happen, it is scary to see a stranger.

Since we expanded Yager Esthetics to 6000sf last year, and opened the Laser Center and expanded Medi-Spa, I am even busier. While I love being able to offer a full service center for Hispanic beauty, it is time-consuming to do right. I do not have nurses do consults, or medical assistants remove sutures and see patients after surgery. I do my own botox and injectable fillers, as I feel in order to control quality, I should see every patient at every visit.

The only downside to this is that after a year, I start to get a little tired. That is why I need a vacation. It is important to know your limitations. I can do a tremendous amount of surgery without losing focus or diminishing the excellence of my results. The key is to know when enough is enough. Plastic surgery in the Hispanic community is not just a method of making a living for me, it is my calling. To betray the trust of my patients is something I would never do for any amount of money. If I do not feel able to deliver the best possible result, I will always just say no.

I will be taking two weeks off to recharge my batteries, and be sure I will be ready to serve the community with renewed energy for the rest of the year. Plan your surgeries for October and November with confidence!

Back To School And Plastic Surgery

Back To School And Plastic SurgeryAs we enter the beginning of September, every parent is getting their child ready for the new school year.  New clothes and supplies must be purchased, supplies must be restocked, and everyone is excited about the new opportunities that present themselves. 

I have a daughter who is entering kindergarten, and she is both nervous and excited.  She is a little fearful, because it is a new place with new people and a teacher she has not met.  She is eager to take this important step, and knows that deep down, it is what she wants and needs.

These same emotions are what my patients experience when considering plastic surgery.  They are both nervous and excited.  They are reading consent forms, doing their homework, learning new things, sometimes getting new clothes and supplies too.  They are a little nervous, as it is a new experience for most, but deep down I try to give them the confidence they need to proceed with what they want and need.

Plastic surgery is surgery, as I have said before.  You need to use the same care and precaution as a parent trying to prepare your child for scholastic success.  Do your homework, read the consent forms and instruction sheets, and if you do not understand something, ask.  At Yager Esthetics, I always take the time to answer all of your questions before you decide on surgery.  I have you return for a preoperative appointment, and encourage you to write down all your questions so that you do not forget them.

I hope all of your children have a great school year.  Start looking at their calendars, as this will help you plan any procedures you are considering around holidays and vacations.  These days fill very earlier, so do your homework!