Bullying and Plastic Surgery

We hear a lot these days about bullying and the pain and even life ending consequences that can occur when a child can not deal with the emotional burden. We teach our children to speak up against it, schools are more aware, and it is not tolerated like it used to be. So what does this have to do with plastic surgery?

If your child has ears that stick out from the sides of his/her head, they may be teased or bullied at school. Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a simple one hour procedure that can reshape the ear and make your child less self conscious. More severe defects, such as cleft lip and palate, are routinely corrected before school begins to avoid these situations.

Likewise, as teenagers, kids can be bullied about their noses, and in some cases a nose job in thailand is indicated to reshape the nose even in teenagers. They must be mature, physically developed, and the procedure should be their idea.

No patient, especially a child, should have plastic surgery unless they are self motivated, understand the risks and benefits, and have the full support and consent of their parents. Bullying is a terrible and serious problem, but plastic surgery is surgery. All surgeries carry risks, and your child needs to be aware of all of them to make an informed decision.

We all want the best for our children, including myself. If my child were being teased for a physical trait that could be corrected and I felt they were realistic and understood the risks, I would support their decision

Botox Gone Bad- Injectable Horror Stories

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in New York, I see many patients with facial lines who are looking for nonsurgical correction.  Many of them have had it done before in other places, and I hear shocking stories .  Let me tell you a little bit about how to avoid being ripped off or permanently damaged.

Only a doctor or a nurse under his direct supervision licensed in the state can inject you with a filler or botox.  If it is a doctor from another country or a salon or spa employee, it is illegal for them to do this.  Make sure you ask if they are licensed by the state to do this procedure.

Anyone with a license to practice medicine regardless of what field they trained in can offer you injectables.  This means your Family Practitioner, Ob/Gyn, Radiologist, and even Dentists can do these treatments with no training required.  Ask what field they received there Board Certification in, and how long they have been doing that particular treatment.

Make sure you know what you are getting.  Many illegal practitioners inject silicone, but call it botox or biopolymer or whatever is hot.  You can avoid this by asking to see the bottle or syringe and packaging first.  All legal injectables have the brand and logo printed on them.  A regular syringe of clear liquid is most likely silicone.  This is permanent and can cause longterm problems.

Even if you get botox, it can be watered down.  Botox is measured in units, and each area needs about 15 to 25 units.  Ask how many units, as sometimes a cheap price isn’t so inexpensive if you are getting less.

My last advice is if you are unsure or feel that something is not right, do not do the procedure.  It is not an emergency, do your homework.  You can always go back if all checks out.  Hope this helps.

Your Plastic Surgeon is not your Parent

Many patients visit me at Yager Esthetics looking for answers to their cosmetic  concerns.  They want to look better, have heard good things about my office from friends, family, other doctors, or on television, and they see me for a consultation.  What surprises some is that I do not make any of the decisions, I leave them to the patient.

To clarify, this does not mean I do what the patient asks of me regardless of what it is.  It is my job to educate you, give you the benefit of my experience, and review the risk and benefits of your options with you. I will let you know if I disagree with your choice, and explain why it may not be your best option as well.  I am not your parent, I am your experienced guide and teacher, a partner in care who will help you decide what the best choice may be.

I hear stories of consultations in other offices where the doctor pops in, looks at the patient, and tells them what they need, and leaves it to his staff to answer questions and try to make you commit to surgery.  I do not think this is adequate.  Each patient is unique, and just because you plastic surgeon is partial to a c-cup, this might be either too big or small for your taste.  One size does NOT fit all.

I encourage you to come to my office for an education on your safe options for improving your appearance.  I will do my best to guide you through the process so that we may come to a mutually agreeable decision as to how to realize your esthetic dreams.

Educational Seminars in Plastic Surgery

Last week, we held an educational seminar on the latest information in injectable treatments in plastic surgery.  It was on a Thursday evening in February at 6 pm.  Over 50 people showed up and were eager to learn.  Some even shared experiences of injections gone “bad” in other offices and countries, testifying as if in church.  This was not scheduled or planned.

What it showed me was the need for, and desire for, education in the Hispanic community about cosmetic surgery and esthetic treatments.  While it was a great event with a Powerpoint presentation   and live patient injection demonstration, it was the amount of time that the patients stayed, asking questions and sharing stories, that impressed me the most.

When I stared Yager Esthetics (Yager Plastic Surgery originally) in 1997, it was my mission to bring safe and affordable cosmetic plastic surgery to the Latino community.  In the past 15 years, we have grown tremendously in space, patients seen, and influence in the community.  I and my 25 staff members are very grateful for the confidence of the community.

We will continue to have seminars, and participate in educational events and charitable works as we have been doing, but intend to build on this concept even more.  Please stay tuned to this website and blog for more information, and friend us on facebook (Yager Esthetics) or follow us on twitter(Yager Esthetics ) so that we may serve you better.