Parent, Partner, or Employee

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, it is my job to educate and evaluate each patient, but I have found that there are different styles of doctor patient relationships, some healthy and some not.

Many patients want the Plastic Surgeon to be a parental figure, someone who will essentially decide for them the best thing to do.  “You’re the doctor, you know what’s best for me” is what they will usually say.  This is the type of scenario that is a set up for disappointment.

I do not know what image you have in your mind until you tell me.  I know what I would do if I were you, but that does not mean you may not want something a little different if it is within the boundaries of good taste.  It is a range, not one ideal.

Some patients think I am an employee, hired to do whatever they want.  Also not ok.  You are not buying a handbag or shoes, you are undergoing a medical or surgical procedure, and there are limits to what can be done, as well as what SHOULD be done.  You are paying me not to be just a technician, but also a physician with a great deal of experience.  My advice comes at no additional charge.

I like to think of myself as your partner in this endeavor.  I educate, answer your questions, and let you make all the decisions, with the caveat that if you stray beyond the borders of safety and good taste, I will rein you in.

Make your Plastic Surgeon your partner.  Share the decision making and be invested in the outcome.  Two heads are better than one.

Padres, Pareja o Empleado

Como Cirujano Plástico Certificado, es mi trabajo educar y evaluar a cada paciente, pero he encontrado que hay diferentes estilos de relaciones entre médico y paciente, algunos saludables y otros no. Muchos pacientes quieren que el cirujano plástico  sea una figura paterna, alguien que va a decidir esencialmente para ellos lo mejor  que ellos deben hacer. “Tú eres el médico, ya sabes lo que es mejor para mí” es lo que por lo general van a decir.

Este es el tipo de escenario que crea expectaciones que se tornan en decepción. No sé cuál es la imagen que tiene en su mente hasta que me digas. Yo sé lo que haría si yo fuera usted, pero eso no significa que es posible que no quieras algo un poco diferente si es dentro de los límites del buen gusto.  Es un rango, no un ideal. Algunos pacientes creen que soy un empleado  contratado para hacer lo que quieran. Que tambien está mal. Usted no está comprando un bolso o unos zapatos, está siendo sometido a un procedimiento médico o quirúrgico  y hay límites a lo que puede hacerse, así como lo que debe hacerse.

Usted me está pagando para no ser sólo un técnico, sino también a un médico con mucha experiencia. Mi consejo viene sin costo adicional. Me gusta pensar en mí mismo como su socio en esta empresa. Educo, respondo a sus preguntas, y no tomo  todas las decisiones, con la advertencia de que si se desvía más allá de las fronteras de la seguridad y el buen gusto, debe frenar. Haga su cirujano plástico  su pareja, comparte la toma de decisiones y estarán comprometidos con  el resultado. Dos cabezas piensan mejor que una.

Nurse Injectors in Plastic Surgery

Finishing up my 18th year as founder of Yager Esthetics, I have now had over 40,000 people make appointments to see me.  Granted, not all of them have ultimately come to see me, but a tremendous majority has.

In 1997, when the office opened, I had one employee to answer phones and give fees to patients.  On surgery days, I hired a nurse to assist, and I saw every single patient at every visit, be it for skin care, injectables, or surgery.  I changed every dressing, removed each stitch, and found it very rewarding.

As I have gotten busier, more employees have been brought on, including full time nurses.  They have been very valuable in assisting with patient care, and providing more flexibility for patients to be seen.  This has enabled me to do more surgeries without requiring me to be here 24/7.

Three years ago, I hired a Nurse Injector, specially trained and certified to do Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, and all manner of wrinkle remedies.  They have expert eyes in esthetics, and do amazing work.  I have another Nurse Injector now, who also does sclerotherapy for spider veins.

For me, as a Plastic Surgeon, injectables are fun.  They add another dimension to the practice that does not involve surgery or a time off of work.  Having my Nurse Injector available even when I am in surgery lets the patients of Yager Esthetics come from as early as 7 am until nearly 7 pm some evenings to get their treatment when it is most convenient.  I have to admit, the results are every bit as good as my own, but don’t tell my nurse I said so.

Balancing Life and Plastic Surgery

Let me start by stating how privileged I feel to be able to practice cosmetic Plastic Surgery.  I sacrificed a lot in life to get to this stage, and others have sacrificed even more without ever getting there. Good grades in High School and SAT’s to get into a great University.  Excelling at University and on the MCAT’s to get into a superb Medical School.  Prime grades in Medical School to secure a spot in a combined Plastic Surgery program at an elite hospital.  Even after all of the hours and money and family time missed, opening a solo practice Plastic Surgery office in New York City with no insurance accepted is far from a sure thing.

Through diligent work, excellent care, and perseverance, with a little luck sprinkled in, I have achieved every measure of success I could have dreamed of.  I am extremely grateful to my staff and all of the patients I have had since 1997.  I have expanded my office twice, and am as busy as I want to be.  So, what comes next?

Imagine if you had a job where even though you worked 50-60 hours a week, you could still be called 24/7/365 and have to possibly rush to your office at any hour.  No breaks ever, watching where you travel, making sure not to have alcohol, carrying a pager everywhere.  A bit stressful? You bet.

I knew the deal before I started, and could have been someone’s employee, but that is not what I set out to do.  I wanted to create a safe and affordable option for Hispanic Plastic Surgery here in the US with a level of luxury never before seen in the community.  That is what Yager Esthetics is all about.

What about my life? I am certainly fulfilled, but need to take more time off.  I am considering bringing in another Plastic Surgeon who can help me share the load.  Finding that person with the same passion and ability will be difficult, and I will not settle.  My patients come first, and I will keep working to insure Yager Esthetics is The place for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the Hispanic community.

New Years and Plastic Surgery

In a few days, 2014 will be in the past.  This has been the fastest year of my life, and I never even had a feel for it.  The seasons and weather were odd, and it never really felt like it got going.  So, as always, the question becomes, what can I do to make 2015 even better at Yager Esthetics?

This past year was quite successful, in both patient care and community service. We added Exilis Elite for skin tightening, new skin care and stretchmark treatments, improved scar reduction techniques, and enhanced our spider vein and injectables practice quite a bit.

We had very successful Y Gallery art events, with a very high quality group of artists.  Many paintings were sold completely for the benefit of our Hispanic artists.  Our educational seminar series has been met with a tremendous response, and patients are acquiring the tools to make informed decisions.

So, what to do for Yager Esthetics in 2015?  We have some great live events planned, and details will follow soon.  We have hired even more Hispanic women to help the community and our practice grow together.  New technology is being evaluated now to add to the offerings for our patients, both surgical and nonsurgical.

We are expanding our social media outreach, and I still tweet daily and have an active Facebook page.  Look for videos and photos of our events, as well as copies of my live television appearances.

We are interactive, so if there are questions or suggestions of how we may serve you better, or if there are suggestions for Blog topics or seminars, contact us at or call 212-543-1700 any time.

Prospero Año y Felicidad!