Yager Sponsors Miss RD US 2015

We are so proud to be the official skin care and aesthetic solution sponsor of this year’s Miss Dominican Republic US or Miss RD US. Miss RD US is a famous beauty competition in the Dominican community that brings together contestants from all parts of Dominican Republic.  The winner of Miss Domican Republic will be the Beauty Ambassador of Dominican woman in the US and will be given the chance to compete for Miss Dominican Republic Universe in 2016.

Voting officially begins today. You can vote for your favorite at http://www.missrdus.com

  • Miss National District: Giselle Ramirez
  • Miss Duarte: Jessica Antonio
  • Miss El Seibo: Paola Gomez
  • Miss Espaillat: Michelle Ovalles
  • Miss La Altagracia: Angie Curo
  • Miss La Romana: Paulino Nayade
  • Miss La Vega: Mariela Duran
  • Miss Monte Plata: Genesis Ruiz
  • Miss Peravia: Noelia Baez
  • Miss Puerto Plata: Tatiana Mercedes
  • Miss San José de Ocoa: Villar fauda
  • Miss San Juan: Jessika Ortiz
  • Miss San Pedro: Nicole Sabino
  • Miss Santiago: Kassandra Fernandez
  • Miss Santiago Rodriguez Salas Marggiori
  • Miss Valverde: Yoanna Gabriela Burgos

Miss Dominican Republic US is more than just a beauty pageant; it is a platform for young women to grow professionally and personally. As a center that serves the Latin community, it is a great honor to sponsor such a competition. We wish all of the contestants the best of luck!


What Goes Into a Plastic Surgery

Although I am more than fair in how I price cosmetic Plastic Surgery, it is not without cost. Some patients who have not had surgery in the United States are curious as to why it costs more here. I am happy to explain.

When you get a fee at Yager Esthetics, the cost includes not only the Surgeon’s fee, but the Operating Room fee, Recovery Room fee, Anesthesiologists fee, girdle and or bra, a post op massage treatment, and all of the visits before and after, reviewing and following up on your testing and doing any paperwork for your job, taking and storing photographs and securing your medical record. All the support staff who help with your appointments, the nurses who assist in your care, and all of the supplies, implants and medications necessary need to be accounted for.

On top of this, as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I must only operate in an accredited facility (we are AAAASF) which requires inspection fees, safety equipment and training at a high cost. I must maintain malpractice coverage, liability insurance, long-term disability insurance, employee insurance. To maintain certification, I must do 150 cme credits every cycle and stay current. If I go on vacation, I need someone to cover my patients, and this costs a lot of money.

Using the safest Board Certified Anesthesiologists is pricey, I use the best brand (in my opinion) implants around, and the rent I pay coupled with the huge price tag for building out our facility is obscene. All in, I keep about 20% of what you pay, and take all of the risk .

Come to think of it, I deserve a raise!

What is an Aesthetic Nurse?

Aesthetic nursing is a relatively new field. As nurses become more well trained, they can seek additional certifications that enable them to do more procedures, but under the supervision of a physician.

A well-qualified nurse is an asset to any medical institution and any extra qualifications can be used to negotiate a higher salary if these skills can benefit the business. To learn more about nursing salaries, take a look at this guide from Regis College.

At Yager Esthetics, I have had aesthetic nurses only in the last 4 years.

I have spent the last 18 plus years building a reputation of excellence and safety in the Hispanic community, and would never do anything counter to that. I find that my aesthetic nurses can do exceptional work in the areas in which they are trained.

We have nurses doing spider vein injections, or sclerotherapy. We are careful to only treat those that are safe and we can help. Our advanced product, Asclera, is the safest I know of on the market today.

My aesthetic nurse also does injectable fillers and Botox. I made sure to train only someone with great cosmetic vision and an understanding of how to achieve safe, natural, and excellent results. This allows my patients more flexible scheduling to have treatments done. Virtually no patients can tell a difference between our results, and the nurse injector is less expensive.

An aesthetic nurse can be your best advisor, and will let you know when surgery is needed, or if less invasive treatments can help. Ask about our aesthetic nurse, and enjoy a free consult with her. You can’t say it isn’t worth it!

July 13- The Day My Life Changed

On July 13, 1996, my father died after a battle with cancer.  I was Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.  I was with him at my childhood home as he took his last breath, my head on his chest.

I knew as soon as I saw the CT scan that he could not be saved.  The only thing I did not know was how long he had, and how much suffering would be involved.  I could not let on to my mother or brother, and tried to remain hopeful and positive to help them cope.

Less than a year later, I was in solo private practice right here at Yager Esthetics.  I was alone in so many ways.  No longer having the Attending staff of the hospital to advise me, no longer able to call my father for reassurance.  It was tremendously lonely and difficult.

Each year at this time, I am reminded of what I have lost. I am proud of what I have accomplished, and who I am.  I owe the majority of that to my father for the example he set, and the great qualities of his which I have inherited.

I will always miss you.

Starting Year 19!

When I opened Yager Esthetics in 1997, I did not know what to expect.  I scraped some money together to repaint and build a small OR in a small office in Washington Heights.  I hired a woman to help me open up, and I was her first paying client.  She is now the premier plastic surgery consultant in the world.  She helped me hire my first employee, who is still with me.  I have expanded twice, to where I now have 6000sf on a prime corner across from Columbia Presbyterian in upper Manhattan.

My surgical volume is fantastic, I have never taken a day of ER call, and I have not done a case in a hospital in years.  My mission to help educate the Hispanic community about safe plastic surgery has gone well, and my Y Gallery art space for Latin artists is an international hit. I should be the happiest man on the planet.

I am not.  I still feel that I have not reached my potential.  Despite expanding the nonsurgical side with a nurse injector, laser hair removal,  Exilis Elite radiofrequency skin tightening and fat reduction, cellulite and scar treatments, I am still not satisfied.

I still see too many patients who have had overseas surgery disasters, too many getting taken advantage of here by Ob/gyn’s and Family Practitioners posing as cosmetic surgery experts, and I find I do not have enough time to see everyone with the time they deserve.

I thank you all for being loyal and making Yager Esthetics the most successful cosmetic plastic surgery practice serving the Hispanic community.  I will be working hard to take us even further as year 20 approaches!