Adios, 2015!

I have to say that 2015 went by faster than any year I can remember. It feels like it should be March. That is not to say that a tremendous amount of work and events did not occur. Perhaps the perception of time was altered by just how busy it was. Less free time, less time to reflect.

As my longtime followers will note, I always take time at the end of each year to review my results, critique them, and think of how Yager Esthetics can serve the Hispanic community better. This year is no exception.

Overall, results have been excellent. Scars have continued to improve, and the new treatments are working well. Breast surgeries remain terrific. I have found that I am stricter on criteria for who can get a breast lift with a circumareolar technique, and am doing most via a “lollipop” method or traditional Wise pattern. Controlling areolar size and improved lift outweigh the short vertical scar in almost all cases.

Liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks continue to boom. I am finishing my nineteenth year here soon, and the experience shows in the results. Nothing to change here yet, except finding better garments. Adding Radiofrequency tightening as an option after has helped as well.

I still remain champion of the Abdominoplasty. I am working on protocols of physical therapy for pre and post to help achieve maximal flatness. Details to follow.

My facial surgeries continue to evolve. Simplifying methods and enhancing safety have led to extremely natural and pleasing results.

For 2016, I am hard at work preparing enhancements for my patient experience. Next week, I will reveal my resolutions. Happy New Year to all of my patients, and thank you so much for your trust and support.

Twas the Blog before Christmas

Twas the blog before Christmas, and all through the Heights,
Not a facial muscle was stirring, since the Botox was done right.
Surgical stockings were on the tummy tucks, placed with care
To help circulation and prevent clots down there.

I could go on, but I will stop there. To many of my patients, Christmas is a time to be with family and
share memories of years past. To others, it is a time to avoid family, travel, and forget last year. Still
others have time off, and use it to have and recover from Plastic Surgery.

As usual, Christmas Eve is a day I will be spending in the operating room. A surprisingly popular day for
many years, I guess others want to feel reborn. Cosmetic surgery is not a sin.

Yager Esthetics is always busy now with last minute wrinkle remedies, spa treatments and distressing
facials and massage. Being busy is always a jot for me, as I want to use the talents I have been blessed
with as much as possible.

Have a great holiday to all who celebrate Christmas!

Little Things Mean A lot

Every year around the holidays, there is a rush to look better quickly. Office parties, seeing family, and vacations are the main culprits. Surgery is usually not an option, and the primary focus is on the face. So, what can we do to make you look better in a hurry with minimal downtime?

Silk peel is an excellent treatment that can help with skin texture, discoloration and overall glow. In 45 minutes, a nonpainful polishing is accomplished for all skin types. You can return immediately to normal activities.

Exilis, a nonsurgical Radiofrequency skin tightening device, can help with tome and reducing small fat deposits under the skin. While not equal to surgical results, no downtime is needed, and each treatment of 45 minutes leads to improvement. Some redness may exist for the first few hours after the treatment.

Laser hair removal can eliminate the embarrassing facial hairs, or even help with other body areas. Perfect for the holiday season.

Botox and Xeomin can diminish those dynamic wrinkles of the forehead as well as the crows feet. Results begin after a few days, and will last until the Spring in most cases.

Fillers, such as Radiesse, Juvaderm, and Voluma can restore youthful to your lips and cheeks and smile lines. Results are instant, last sometimes over a year. Last minute item that is super. You can also fill the backs of your hands to make them younger as well.

Our skincare is also terrific, and custom tailored programs can be made for you. We treat all skin types, and only offer the most effective products.

Do not forget facials and massage. When you feel good, you look good. Destress in the ySpa.

For last minute gifts, we do have gift cards.

Who would think a Plastic Surgery Center would be the go to holiday destination?

Stop Being Taken Advantage of by Bad Cosmetic Surgeons

I am a Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. I state this on my website and all office materials. I use the ABPS and ASPS logos, which can only be used by member surgeons. I have been well trained, am in my 19th year of solo private practice, and only do Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

What frustrates me is the number of patients I see after so called cosmetic surgery done by inadequately trained “doctors” under horrific conditions, and the patient assumed they were Plastic Surgeons. I do not care about political correctness, this has to end.

I had a patient show me a video her daughter took of her having liposuction in a Manhattan “Plastic Surgery” office. The patient was naked and standing as the doctor laughed and drew on her. She was staggering from what was valium pills and narcotics. He had her lie down on an exam chair laid flat in a small exam room and proceeded to do liposuction as she cursed and her daughter filmed.

The doctor in question was an Ob/Gyn who advertised as a Board Certified Surgeon, and he charged her more than I would have! When I asked her and her daughter if they thought it was odd, they said it was, but they did not know what to expect. Use your common sense, please!

You do not have to come to Yager Esthetics for surgery, but please go to and type in your doctor’s name to make sure they are really Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Ask if they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Just because it says Plastic Surgery, or Board Certified doesn’t mean it is what you think it is.

Be smart, it’s your life.