I Believe that Everyone I Meet is a Good Person

I am an optimist. I truly like to think that people are good at heart, and only want good things for others.  I trust almost anyone who does not give me reason to think otherwise.  I do not really consider the consequences to myself if someone has bad intentions.  I may be thought of as foolish or naïve, but this is who I am at my core.

When a patient comes in with a difficult challenge, or has an issue I believe I can make better, my instinct is to offer my help and try.  I do not think “Is it really worth it if the risk of a complication is higher” or “What is her angle, is she trying to get over on me?”  My mind thinks about being helpful and doing my best.

Most of the time, this works out very well for me.  The overwhelming majority of my patients are grateful and very happy.  I usually exceed their expectations, and both of us are content.  For those who are not, I can honestly say that it is 99% of the time not my fault.

I do not want to change the person I am just to protect myself from the few not nice people who are out there.  I will admit, I think about it a little more now that I get ready to start my 20th year at Yager Esthetics.  Trust, but verify.  If I change in the face of negativity, I lose.

Income Tax and Plastic Surgery

Today, your taxes are due.  Mine as well.  Nobody seems to enjoy this day unless a refund is due them.  That has unfortunately never happened to me.

Income tax refunds are used by many of my patients for plastic surgery.  A check comes in that you are not expecting, and you start to think of what fun things you can do with it.  After a few years, you plan on it being there.  I have always found this fascinating.

As income tax loan advancements became more popular, the surge in plastic surgery came a bit earlier.  Now in late January to February, the dates are being filled up.  Couple that with the Spring Break holidays, and April is insane.

This is my 19th tax season at Yager Esthetics, and it always keeps me busy.  Earning the money I need to pay my taxes works out well.  In reality, the government is receiving a loan from the people who overpay all year long and then giving it back.  After this, the people give it to me, and I send it back to the government.  The circle of life!

I love it when tax season brings happiness to others.  It is otherwise sad for me.

Perfection- the Enemy of Good

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be perfect.  If I got a 99% on an exam, I would feel awful about the 1% I got wrong.  Being wrong is one of my greatest fears.  I would imagine all eyes on me, and dread the embarrassment of not knowing something.

While this has driven me to succeed in life, allowing me to achieve the grades necessary to attend The Johns Hopkins University and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, it has also held me back.  I have avoided certain activities and classes that I was interested in simply because it was out of my comfort zone and failure was a possibility.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I strive for perfection even more.  As I complete my 19th year at Yager Esthetics, no one can argue it has been one of the most successful solo private practice esthetic surgery practices over that time period.  Similar to my personality, I want each result to be perfect, and every patient to be 100% satisfied.

In reviewing my results, I can honestly say that they stack up against any I have seen.  I can also say that not a single one is perfect.  That is not to say that I feel anything was done wrong, or that anyone else would have done better.  I find fault with the appearance of supermodels and some of the most stunning women in history.  It is my curse.

I have only recently resigned myself to the fact that no one can be perfect.  My job is to evaluate and educate people as to how to improve their appearance, what the limitations are, and advise them of the risks and benefits so that they may decide if it is worth it to them.  I always deliver what plastic surgery can, but that may not be enough for some.

I cannot promise perfection, as it does not exist. I must make sure each patient understands that, and hopefully discourage those who do not from having surgery.  I am a very good Plastic Surgeon.  Perfect I am not.

April Fools

It has become a tradition to pull pranks and practical jokes on people every April 1st.  While some can be funny, others can hurt feelings, be destructive to property, or embarrass some. I want to start a new tradition- April Cool Day.

What is April Cool Day?  It is a day where you go out of your way to find that person who seems to be left out, not fit in, or socially awkward, and say hello to them.  Try to include them in going with the group to lunch, or sharing a table so they are not alone.

All of us have felt vulnerable at some point in time, and could have used a little reassurance that someone in the world was on our side.  Very few of us have the confidence to not care what others think, and human contact and relating to others is an important part of mental and physical health.

What you might find is that those people are actually pretty fun, or can add something to your life.  You might be the spark that enables them to break free of their fear of social situations, or they just might be the one who inspires you to express some inner feelings you were to afraid to release.

Pulling a mean spirited prank on April 1st? Not cool.  You are the April Fool.