Sunglasses and Wrinkles

I have always been blessed with perfect vision. I never liked to even wear sunglasses or hats to shield my eyes. It was a feeling of freedom to have nothing on my face. I thought that glasses were foolish if you did not need them to see, and used for status symbols or fashion and attention if they were not prescription.

I have come to realize that sunglasses are important in anti-aging. They can prevent wrinkles and discoloration, and potentially even eye cancer. I have since started wearing them, and so should you.

When the sun is bright, it can cause you to squint, thus making crow’s feet lines that over time might need Botox to treat. The lines can become permanent over the years, aging you. Sunglasses with proper UV protection can filter these harmful rays.

Melanoma can occur in the eye, and sun exposure is always a factor, so shielding the eye from the sun seems to make a lot of sense. Always check with your doctor if a new dark area appears on the eye.

The sun also ages skin, causing a breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers that can lead to sagging and thin skin, wrinkles and discolorations. Proper lenses can filter out these UV rays and keep the periorbital area looking youthful.

So go ahead and splurge on some cool shades, as long as they have proper lenses and size to protect the area well. You can look great as well as maintaining your youth. Total win-win.

Bra Strap Fat

As I enter my 20th year in private practice plastic surgery, I think back on everything I have learned since finishing my training.  Ninety percent of what I do was not learned in my training.  One area which is not mentioned in any anatomy books or plastic surgery articles is bra strap fat.

Bra strap fat is the roll or bulge that can be seen above and/or below the bra in the back of a woman.  Sometimes it is excess fat, sometimes loose skin, and other times it is simply the creation of wearing a bra that is too small or tight.

Usually, I do not get asked to treat this alone.  With good liposuction of the back, the area will disappear.  It is important to point out to patients before lipo if there may be an excess skin issue with the “BSF” appearance being created.

I have written hear before about women wearing the wrong bra size.  A bra that leaves marks on the skin after being removed does not fit.  Do not be worried about what the numbers say, get the bra that fits.  Stores like Soma, or lingerie departments in Lord and Taylors or Neiman Marcus will be happy to help you understand your size at no cost to you.

Help eliminate BSF, and restore lycra confidence in all women!

I Finished Listening to 1001 Albums I Must Hear Before I Die

As I am in the operating room for 20 hours a week, I have ample opportunity to listen to music. A lot of people find this weird but most doctors listen to some kind of music while they work. In fact, I’m in the process of upgrading my music system. I’ve looked on and have found a better quality speaker to the small one I’m using now.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, I had read a book a few years ago, “1001 Albums You must hear before You Die.” It took me a year, but I managed to track them all down. A year ago, I started listening to them in alphabetical order and just finished last week.

Listening to them could have been done chronologically, to see how music progressed, randomly, or alphabetically. I chose the abs’s, as that is how I had them arranged anyway. This order lent itself to a random mix of genres and time periods that left you guessing what was coming next.

I am very open minded about what I listen to, and the process of listening and doing plastic surgery makes me reach new creative heights. I think of plastic surgery as Jazz, or Social Music as Miles Davis calls it. There are basic rules that must be followed, but you should explore and innovate where need be to truly create art.

I did not love every cd, but I have a much deeper understanding of music and how it interconnects across genres. It will definitely help my band, Used Karmas, in the writing of our second album. I just hope that I don’t have to die since I have heard it all!

June is Busting out all over

It is the end of the first half of the year this month, and I have noticed that June seems to have an increased number of breast procedures. Mainly, it is breast augmentation and breast lifts and a combination of the two.  Breast reductions tend to happen in the fall and winter for some reason.

I theorize that it is due to the warmer weather, when thoughts turn to the beach and more revealing clothing.  Also, teachers, college students, and many other professions have time off over the summer to recover.

As I get ready to start year 20 in private practice cosmetic plastic surgery, I have noticed a trend toward fuller upper breasts.  The number of simple breast lifts that I do has gone down, compensated for by the increase in breast lifts with breast implants at the same time.  The lift fixes the nipple position and shape, while the implant can add the volume to the upper pole of the breast.

What was long considered the normal and natural breast appearance is no longer what most patients want.  While I refuse to make fake looking round balls on a woman’s chest, I do think that the right sized implant can artfully improve the results of most breast lifts.  I use them more for fullness than size.

If you have some time off and have always been curious about your breasts, please come to Yager Esthetics.  There are a host of new implant types and shapes, and the lift techniques have options as well.  Find out why June is busting out all over!