Are Gummy Bear Implants Worth The Extra Money?

In March of 2013, The FDA approved a new type of silicone gel implant. This highly cohesive gel implant, called the gummy bear implant because it is squishy like a gummy bear, is a very interesting product. I have used about a dozen already, and wanted to share my early experience.

The advantages of this new implant are maintenance of upper pole fullness, meaning the implant keeps the top part of the breast filled over time, less feeling of rippling, and less hardening over time. All great benefits.

They also come in 4 different height and projection combinations to create more choices in shaping and sizing a breast with a specific measurement or volume. This is a little bit of a slippery slope, as the learning curve of figuring out what you will get with each takes time. Despite requiring a training program before ordering, you need to be careful about the experience of your plastic surgeon with these devices.

My patients have all been very pleased so far with the results. I personally find them a little too firm, but will reserve judgment until at least 6 months to a year have passed. The upper pole fullness and lack of rippling have been great.

Are they worth the extra money? I feel I can achieve beautiful results with saline and traditional silicone as well. I think that if a patient feels it is worth it, and understands all the limitations, it is a very personal decision. My patients vote yes, and that is what matters. If that changes, I will be sure to update you.

3 thoughts on “Are Gummy Bear Implants Worth The Extra Money?

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