Halloween 2018

Halloween is about dressing up and pretending to be someone or something other than yourself. Our fantasies can run be somewhat lived out, and the acceptability of masks allows a level of anonymity. This makes for an escape from reality.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, people often come in to have their fantasies realized, but on a more permanent basis. Reshaping the face, nose, breasts, bodies, and buttocks allows for tremendous physical transformations. These physical changes can lead to a change in confidence level and in attitude and personality.

The danger is when people feel that they can fix life’s problems by simply changing physical appearance. This is very rarely the case. You are still you, only better looking.

The best candidates for cosmetic plastic surgery are those who are happy and confident to start with. The physical upgrades are just the icing on the cake.

Be the Boss on your Consult, but don’t be Bossy

I am a firm believer that a patient should be a partner in his/her care, especially in cosmetic Plastic Surgery. While a Plastic Surgeon has a great deal more knowledge about the procedure you want, there are options that are simply a matter of taste.

When I speak to a patient about surgery, I always present the facts as I know them, in as unbiased a manner possible, so that the decision is the patient’s to make. Clearly if asked my opinion, or if I have a preference, I will share it with the patient so that we can come to an acceptable decision. I am not a technician who will do whatever is requested, it has to make good medical and esthetic sense.

If you are looking for something that would not make me proud as a Plastic Surgeon to put my name on, I will decline to operate on you. That doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel with a perfect feature, it just means that the esthetics have to represent an improvement that is worth the risk.

I encourage patients to be the boss, and really let me know what they are looking for. If I do not know because you are shy or embarrassed, you have less of a chance of being happy. There is no shame, just be honest and everything will work out better.

I do not like it when a patient is bossy, telling me what to do and how to do it. I am here to educate and assist you in determining what has the greatest chance of success. If you do not want to listen, maybe you should learn to do it yourself (not a serious suggestion).

Assert your desires, partner with a Plastic Surgeon who will listen, and enjoy the results of a healthy partnership.

Last Blog of 2016

Another year of blogging is now complete. I hope to those who read it, it has provided some valuable information, some amusement, and a little insight into what makes me who I am. Intentionally, and often unintentionally, my personality will leak out in my writing.

Even if no one ever read these pages, it was still worth it to me writing. It is an excellent exercise in thought. Each blog takes me about 10 minutes to complete. I sit down with no topic or notes and then just flow with an idea of the moment. I do no drafts or revisions. I have no editor or assistant. It is often fascinating where my mind decides to go.

2017 will be a year of major changes at Yager Esthetics. Our nonsurgical services are booming, and more technology is on the way. Stay tuned here for what is next. At least 2 will launch in January. Both are long overdue and will be much in demand.

We are going full electronic records and eliminating paper. Get ready for iPads and laptops, as well as a video revamp of the website. Technology cannot be stopped. We will continue to set the bar for plastic surgery in the Hispanic community.

I wish you all a very happy and Healthy 2017. Thank you to all who have supported me over these 20 years, and know I will continue to support you for as long as you will have me.

A December to Remember

It is already the last month of 2016- where did the year go? The older I get, the faster time seems to speed by. Yager Esthetics is charging ahead in our 20th year as the Latina beauty experts. With all of the imitators popping up, we are certainly flattered, but be sure to be safe and do your homework.

December is a funny month, in that we tend to hold a few extra surgery days aside for the “last minute shoppers” of our practice. All of a sudden, people start realizing the holidays are coming, and there is time off from school and work. Gift money comes in, and all of a sudden they want to finally have that cosmetic plastic surgery procedure they have been thinking of.

If that is you, realize that surgery should not be rushed. Testing needs to be done beforehand to insure you are healthy and safe. Implants, girdles, and special order items need to be secured ahead of time, and all of the preop and postop visits need to be coordinated. You need to think about child care, who will pick you up from surgery and care for you, and who will cover you at work.

Of course we offer nonsurgical treatments and injections, such as Botox, fillers, skin tightening, laser hair removal, Silk Peel and skin care, for those who can’t quite get a surgery together. The results are amazing and can get you ready for a holiday party, family gathering, or New Year’s Eve celebration.

If you want this to be your December to remember, be efficient, make an appointment with your general medical doctor for right after your visit with me so testing will not be delayed. Patients aren’t the only ones who take off time around the holidays, doctors do as well. Except for me- I am here to serve you.

When a Patient Wants too Much of You

As part of the relationship between Plastic Surgeon and patient, there is a certain piece of you that goes into every surgery.  A patient entrusts you with their dreams and expectations, and shares very personal thoughts with you.  They are vulnerable, baring secret fears and complexes sometimes hidden from their significant other and family.

As for me, I must allow them to know my philosophy on cosmetic plastic surgery, reveal my work in the form of before and after photos, and face the possibility of rejection by the patient for whatever reason.  As such, I must trust my patients.

Patients can feel very vulnerable and unattractive in the healing period following plastic surgery, especially if they do not have a good supportive social network around them.  When they have a jealous friend or family member or an abusive spouse, it is even worse.  It is hard enough to recover in the best of situations.

I always make myself available to my patients for whatever may arise physically or medically following the procedure.  I have a 24 hour service to contact me at any moment in case of emergency.  Most patients respect this.

I also try to be supportive emotionally, which can be a more delicate situation.  The changes in body image can be dramatic, and take a while to adjust to for some people.  My clinical staff and I  try our best to comfort and listen to patients who might need a boost, but it can go too far.

Calling the emergency line at midnight 2 years after a surgery because you feel one breast is bigger than the other is not okay.  Usually, it is a fight with a boyfriend or a traumatic stressor,  but this is not an after hours necessity. I have a pain for the last 2 months and I will only talk to the doctor personally on a Sunday is asking too much.  Call and make an appointment to come in.  I do not charge.

If you choose Yager Esthetics for Plastic Surgery, I promise to do my best to deliver what surgery can.  The relationship and anxiety issues require a different specialist, and I am happy to refer you.

Start Thinking About June

I am always amazed when patients come in and expect that they can have surgery in a few days after their consult, or are shocked that the most popular vacation times are already taken.  Well regarded Plastic Surgeons are busy, and it takes proper planning to insure you get the time you need.

It is important to have your consult as early as possible, to make sure you are happy with your surgeon, that the price is affordable, and that you know how much time off of your particular work you will need, and what the recovery will be like.  Arranging childcare, maintenance of the household, vacation time for you and sometimes your spouse as well, all take time.  Even after this is sorted, your Plastic Surgeon has to have the date available.

Unfortunately, many of my teachers could not be accommodated during Spring Break, as there are only so many hours I can operate and give the best level of care.  I hate disappointing people, especially teachers, but they need to have a plan well in advance .

This is my wake up call for all of you who want to look better this Summer.  When school is out, the rush is on.  Call us if you do not want to miss June as a possibility.  I already have many of the days filled, and my next available is in June already.

Even if I am not your Plastic Surgeon, you still should plan for whomever you choose.  If he/she is a talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, space will be hard to come by.

Lo Imperfecto es el nuevo Perfecto

Puede sonar extraño, pero lo último que trato de lograr en la cirugía plástica cosmética es la perfección. Como residente en formación, nos enseñaron, “El enemigo de lo bueno es lo perfecto.”

¿Qué significa eso?

Nadiees simétrico.Un ojoes más grande, uno inferior, las fosas nasales son diferentes, ninguna mujer tiene2senos que sonexactamente iguales.Curiosamente, nuestroscerebrosestán entrenados paranonotar estos detalles.

Estoyconstantemente sorprendidocuandoseñaloenormesdiferencias alos pacientes, que a menudono tenían ni idea. Todaslas partes del cuerpotienenque estar enarmonía unos con otroscon el fin deparecer natural. Si usted tieneuna caraasimétricacon una narizperfecta,sólo se ve mal.

Una gran cirugía plástica nunca luce como una cirugía. Es el arte de equilibrar las pequeñas cosas que te hacen único, y la mejora de ellos sin perder su carácter. He estado en mi práctica privada en Yager Estética durante 18 años, he realizado más de 5.000 cirugías cosméticas, y todavía tienen que alcanzar la perfección. Tengo, por otra parte, que hice más del 99% de estas personas muy felices. Mi consejo es que siempre sea usted, es lo mejor que puedes ser. Nadie es perfecto.

Imperfect is the New Perfect

It may sound strange, but the last thing I try to achieve in cosmetic plastic surgery is perfection.  As a Resident  in training, we were taught, “The enemy of good is perfect.”  What does that mean?

Nobody is symmetrical.  One eye is bigger, one lower, nostrils are different, no woman has 2 breasts that are exactly alike.  Interestingly, our brains are trained to not notice these details.  I am constantly amazed when I point out tremendous differences to patients, they often had no idea.

All of your body parts have to be in harmony with each other in order to look natural.  If you have an asymmetrical face with a perfect nose, it just looks wrong.  Great plastic surgery never looks like surgery.  It is the art of balancing the little things that make you unique, and enhancing them without losing your character.

I have been in my private practice at Yager Esthetics for 18 years, have performed well over 5000 cosmetic surgeries, and have yet to achieve perfection.  I have, on the other hand, made over 99% of these people quite happy.

My advice is to always be you, but the best you you can be. Nobody’s perfect.

New Years and Plastic Surgery

In a few days, 2014 will be in the past.  This has been the fastest year of my life, and I never even had a feel for it.  The seasons and weather were odd, and it never really felt like it got going.  So, as always, the question becomes, what can I do to make 2015 even better at Yager Esthetics?

This past year was quite successful, in both patient care and community service. We added Exilis Elite for skin tightening, new skin care and stretchmark treatments, improved scar reduction techniques, and enhanced our spider vein and injectables practice quite a bit.

We had very successful Y Gallery art events, with a very high quality group of artists.  Many paintings were sold completely for the benefit of our Hispanic artists.  Our educational seminar series has been met with a tremendous response, and patients are acquiring the tools to make informed decisions.

So, what to do for Yager Esthetics in 2015?  We have some great live events planned, and details will follow soon.  We have hired even more Hispanic women to help the community and our practice grow together.  New technology is being evaluated now to add to the offerings for our patients, both surgical and nonsurgical.

We are expanding our social media outreach, and I still tweet daily and have an active Facebook page.  Look for videos and photos of our events, as well as copies of my live television appearances.

We are interactive, so if there are questions or suggestions of how we may serve you better, or if there are suggestions for Blog topics or seminars, contact us at info@dryager.com or call 212-543-1700 any time.

Prospero Año y Felicidad!

Santa Claus and Plastic Surgery

Almost all little children look forward to xmas, a time when good behavior is rewarded with family time and the fulfillment of wishes for presents.  It is a happy holiday, but one in which many lose the true meaning of sacrifice for others, and instead focus on themselves.

Sometimes, cosmetic plastic surgery patients act the same way.  They see their plastic surgeon as a type of Santa Claus, who can magically grant every wish for physical improvement with the wave of a scalpel.  The bandages are like the wrapping paper, which when removed reveals the wonderful gift within.

Many times, patients are thrilled with the results, and understand the work that went into creating them.  All the training and sacrifices made by their doctor to acquire his or her techniques and esthetic eye are evident.  Some, however, like spoiled children, can never be satisfied or have enough.

I always meet with my patients several times before performing a surgery upon them, so that I may review the risks and alternatives of each procedure, and try to give them a realistic idea of what to expect.  Unfortunately, not all patients listen well.

Over 99% of my patients are quite satisfied with their care and results of treatment at Yager Esthetics, but that 1% is what makes my life difficult.  If everything is done well and the results are excellent, and the patient is unhappy, there is very little that can be done.

If plastic surgery is under your tree this year, don’t be naughty.  Listen to your doctor, try to have realistic goals, and all will turn out nice.  Happy Holidays!