School is In Session

As next week approaches, school is set to begin.  Parents are rejoicing, and children are crying as another semester gets underway. For me, it is usually a quieter time of year, the end of August and beginning of September, as parents are getting done with summer trips and getting the kids ready for the start of school.

I like to use the brief moments I can take from my practice to learn and implement new ideas and technology.  I look in depth at everything we do, see what patient demands have not been met, and try to fill the gaps.  This has led to our Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, Dark Spot Treatments, Silk Peels, and Spider Vein services.  All have been great successes, as I must vet every service before offering it to our patients.

Our Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation has boomed with the addition of Nurse Injectors who truly invest in the art of what they do with seminars and classes to stay abreast of all new options.  The cheek fillers with Voluma have been amazing.

I have started investigating the use of Electromyostimulation with Tummy Tucks to enhance results, and will have my protocol ready for September.  Although I have done over 2000 abdominoplasties already, I always look for ways to achieve even more.

I hope to bring you all useful and worthwhile treatments that truly work, and will continue to make Yager Esthetics THE Plastic Surgery practice for the Latin community.