Depression and Plastic Surgery

On the paperwork you fill out at Yager Esthetics, there is a place for medical problems.  When I speak to the patients, they often leave out several issues and medications.  One of the most common is depression.  I believe it is partly out of shame and fear, and partly due to the fact that they do not consider depression a medical problem.  This is potentially dangerous.

When people have a history of depression, they often do not respond to emotional stress well.  Plastic surgery, even the use of skin care or wrinkle injections, can be a stressor.  This is especially true if they do not have supportive people around them.  Situations such as these can be very dangerous.

It is important to tell your doctor about depression, and to not be ashamed.  It is no more embarrassing then diabetes or high cholesterol.  This knowledge helps the anesthesiologist dose certain medications differently, and the surgeon to insure that you have the support network you need before a procedure is done.

Plastic surgery does not cure depression.  You only get better looking depressed people.  If you are the family member or friend of a potential patient with depression, make sure to let the doctor know.  Be positive and supportive, let them know you care, and tell them they look fabulous.  Sometimes, treatment is needed prior to surgery, and your surgeon can help you find a qualified health care professional to help you on the inside as well.   


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