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I have been blogging now for about 2 years. Every week, I sit down to share my thoughts with anyone who cares to listen. It is mainly so that my patients and future patients can get to know me a little better. I give advice about Plastic Surgery, dispel some myths, and try to assist you in the whole process.
I have talked about bra size, being a good spouse to my patients, whether smart lipo is smart for you, music in the operating room, diet and nutrition, as well as nearly 100 more. I am happy to go on like this as long as you want, but wanted to take a moment to check in.
If you like what I have been doing, let me know. Email us at, or call us at 212-543-1700. I am hoping to make your experience more full with this tool.
If you would like something different, please also let me know. I am happy to blog by request, and tackle the topics that interest you the most. Social media is meant to be interactive, so please interact. Friend us on Facebook (, and definitely follow me on Twitter (

Our motto is In the Community, For the Community. We mean it.

2 thoughts on “Help Me Help You

  1. My name is Reyna. I have been researching different Plastic surgeons and I have actually consulted with two.
    I have looked at various websites and I must admit I haven’t experience anything like this website of Dr. Yager. Besides the great results I have seen in the photo gallery, and the interviews in various well known TV programs, what has impressed me the most is this Blog.

    Through this Blog you can tell that Dr.Yager cares for his patients. I am so surprised that not many people comment about all the information he puts out there. Especially taking time from his busy schedule to inform the community about key factors that emotionally makes someone worry.

    He’s right into saying that in order for him to have a Blog he needs interaction from others. Dr.Yager, maybe you should write your Blog in Spanish and English – in that way the community will feel more comfortable responding.

    I have an appointment to see you in two weeks. I will like a consultation on breast lift and augmentation. Can you Blog about what should be the right questions a patient should ask the plastic surgeon?

    I’m looking forward to my appointment! Gracias =)

    1. Sorry Dr. Yager,
      Just realized you also have your entire website in Spanish by clicking on Espanol … Didn’t realize that.

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