Plastic Surgery Will Not Make You Happy

The great majority of my patients who do cosmetic plastic surgery are extremely pleased with the results.  I strive to perform the correct operation safely, and to deliver the promised result or better every time.  As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in private practice since 1997, I have had the good fortune to build a very busy practice, Yager Esthetics, which is 100% focused on cosmetic plastic surgery.  I do pride myself on excellent results, and try to make every patient happy.  I will tell you that this is impossible.

Plastic surgery can make you look better; it can correct developmental problems, and even reconstruct defects caused by accidents or other surgery.  What it cannot do is make an unhappy person into a happy one.  It is my job to try and figure out if my patient is seeking cosmetic changes for personal satisfaction, or if it is an attempt to try to cure underlying relationship issues or depression.

I had a patient the other day who was unhappy with the result of a breast surgery.  On examination, it was a beautiful result.  We talked about her desire to be larger, and she went to speak to my patient coordinator.  It turned out that her husband was leaving her, which made her feel unattractive.  Instead of dealing with the relationship problem, she chose to lay blame on the surgery.

Ladies, the only way to be happy with the results of plastic surgery is to do it for yourself.  If you think it will change the way your spouse or boyfriend behaves towards you, you are most likely wrong.  Even if this does make him feel differently about you, do you really want a man who is only interested in your appearance?