Thanksgiving 2013

Once again, this is Thanksgiving week. As I do every year, I take this opportunity to reflect on all of the blessings I have received over the year. While I try to be grateful every day, sometimes the pace of life makes it difficult to thank all of the people the way in which you would like.
I am thankful for my family. There is no greater feeling to me than the love of my family. There is no way to describe the experience of being a father until it happens to you. I am so fortunate to have the health of my children.

I am thankful for my opportunity to serve the Hispanic community. Since I was 3, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. Not only did I follow through on that dream, but I was able to become a Plastic Surgeon and find my calling in the world of Latin beauty. The ability to educate and provide truthful and helpful information to patients in order for them to understand their options before making dangerous choices has been beyond rewarding. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk from surgery, I feel fortunate to help reduce risks and inform my community about some unsafe practices.
I am thankful to my staff, more than 20 Hispanic women, who help me do what I do day in and out for nearly 17 years now. I cannot do it alone, and to see these young women mature and grow under my watch is very special.

I am thankful to all of my patients who honor me by selecting me as their Plastic Surgeon. Most of my patients work very hard , and Plastic Surgery is a dream to them. I always keep that in mind when I enter the operating room, and do my best to deliver the best and safest results.
I am also thankful to those who take the time to read my blogs, and follow me on twitter. It is my way to give you a little insight into who I am and what I do, not only in Plastic Surgery. Keep reading, and stay well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas and Plastic Surgery

As tomorrow will be Christmas for most of the world, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on what the spirit of this holiday season means, and how it relates to plastic surgery.

The Christmas spirit to me means going that extra mile to be a little more patient, kind, and courteous to your fellow man. Holding open the door for someone, an extra smile and wish for a nice day to a total stranger, giving to those less fortunate than yourself. Basically, the way you should behave all of the time when life doesn’t get in the way.

So what does this have to do with Plastic Surgery? While cosmetic plastic surgery is certainly about looking better, it is also a way to transform how you feel about yourself. When you look better, you feel better. When you feel better, you are more likely to be in a good mood and helpful and pleasant to others.

From my perspective, it is a time to be grateful for the opportunity to serve the Hispanic community, and to be thankful for the gifts and abilities I have been blessed with to make others more cheerful. No matter how hard I work, or if I have a difficult day, I never forget that it is a privilege, not my right, to be trusted by my patients.

Have a wonderful holiday, and try to be beautiful inside and out this season and always.