2014- The Year of No Excuses

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the sole proprietor of a sizeable cosmetic surgery practice in New York City, I am a pretty busy person. I attend to many patients, perform a significant number of surgeries and treatments, and oversee my share of nurses and estheticians who see even more patients. Couple this with being a father and all of those time requirements, being in a band that is in the middle of recording our first album of original music, staying fit with a significant exercise routine, and pursuing the path of my naturally curious mind, it might seem that I make no excuses already. This is not true.

We all have things we are meaning to get to, but they are not emergencies. There is no due date or deadline. The thought is that we will get around to it someday. But what if something happens before someday comes? The opportunity is then lost.
We mortals are only given today, and tomorrow is not guaranteed. If our health fails us, or we develop physical, mental, or emotional handicaps, this can limit our choices. Sometimes finances are such that what we dream of achieving or doing can no longer happen. Occasionally the very thing we wish to do or place we long to visit vanishes or is no longer possible.

I lost my father when he was young, and my only brother as well. My best friend died long before his time and without warning. While I cannot say this will not happen to me, I can say that I will put off things no more, and enjoy every day like the blessing it is. I suggest you do the same.

Let’s make 2014 the best year of our lives, and make our dreams a reality.

Happy New Year From Yager Esthetics

As it happens annually, I am again surprised that another year is coming to a close. It creates a natural time point to reflect both on the end of a year, and to consider the possibilities for the new year. Let me go through this with you now.

2013 was a very action packed 12 months. We were able to accomplish much both in surgery and in the community. Our Y Gallery has been a huge hit, with excellent exhibitions and even much increased sales for the artists. Carmen Ayala, Celestino, Rigo Peralta, and Tebo were among those seen here. Getting the artists on Buenos Dias Nueva York has also been great. Our Pequenos Picassos charity has also been great. More corporate involvement will help in 2014.

Personally, my health and that of my family has been a blessing. Unfortunately, I lost my best friend as well as my brother this year. It has taught me how nothing is guaranteed, and how you must appreciate friends and family every day.

For 2014, I am expecting great things. I will continue to educate my Hispanic community, and help to push my programs forward to assist Latin causes even more. I have brought in exciting new technology for nonsurgical fat reduction as well as skin tightening for darker skin tones. New products are coming as well as more seminars.
I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Just try to do at least one thing better, and see where it leads you.

2013 Is Upon Us

With the start of the new year come new year’s resolutions. What promises to make for 2013, both personal and professional? How can we make things better? What is realistic? So many questions already!
As I have stated before, I always take time off in the beginning of January to review my before and after photos from the prior year to check for quality and trends. I will do so again this weekend to search for ways to improve my results, even though my patients have been quite happy. It can be something as simple as using a different type of suture, or a better girdle, or a new scar regimen.

So, what are my resolutions? As always, to make improvements in Yager Esthetics so as to keep our position as the premier practice in cosmetic plastic surgery for the Hispanic community. We will continue to add services to meet our patients’ needs, and stay at the forefront of safety.

I will also continue to expand our community service and charitable endeavors, as we did this past year. Raising awareness of cancer in the Latin population remains a priority, as well as our educational seminars. The Y Gallery will continue to provide free art space to emerging Hispanic artists with an even higher profile.

Our Pequenos Picassos charity will work with more sponsors to provide scholarship money to the children of single mothers with low incomes, and fund art programs in the public schools that do not have them. Over $10000 was committed last year alone, and we feel we can do much more.

What will you do? Look in the mirror and do what feels right. Let’s make the world better and more beautiful inside and out.