Social Media and Plastic Surgery

Social media has become an important communication tool for Yager Esthetics as well as many other practices. As my practice has evolved from its opening in 1997, I have found that the majority of the referrals still come from my existing patients, but I have seen a tremendous increase in patients from the internet.

While I do not participate in Facebook for my personal life, I have found it helpful for my practice and patients. It gives a little more connection to what we do at Yager Esthetics. In a little more than a year or so, we have created a following with minimal efforts. We will concentrate a little more on this in 2013.

My weekly blog has been going without fail for about 2 years now, and my patients seem to enjoy these little insights into my writing style and thoughts. If you are reading this, please comment and let us know how to make it better, or if there are topics you would like me to comment on.

Twitter is also a very exciting part of my plans for the year to come. We usually tweet at least daily, but I promise to use my mobile app to help keep my followers entertained and informed for the future. The format is fun to work in.

I look forward to connecting on a more personal level (social media wise that is) with all of you. I want you to feel a part of what we have been building for over 15 years. So please follow me, like me, read my blog and mention me. I need all the Facebook friends I can get!

Social Media and Plastic Surgery

I have to admit, I have never been into social media.  I do not go on Facebook as often, do not spend hours tweeting and following people on Twitter, and do not even utilize Youtube as much as I should.  My practice, Yager Esthetics, is very active on all of these fronts.  Why?  Because it is a way to reach out and connect with a new generation of patients.

When I founded Yager Esthetics in 1997, social media wasn’t even a blip on the radar.  I was busy building a practice and taking care of the Hispanic community, and did not give it a second thought.  As my practice expanded and grew, more patients were interested in connecting with me and what I did.  We expanded the website,, and then I started blogging every week.

Last year, we started our Facebook page for Yager Esthetics, as well as a Youtube channel and a Twitter account, (drjyager & yspany).  The response has been good, and we are now going to offer more to our followers and those who like us.

We have not even begun to tap the power of this outreach, and look forward to creating something special that lives up to the high standards that we have created with our Yspa Medi Spa and Plastic Surgery and Laser Centers.

So, visit our Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and check out the videos on Youtube.  I promise to be more Social this year!