I Had a Facial

Yes, I was on vacation and was convinced to go to the spa and have a Gentlemen’s Facial. As a Plastic surgeon with his own Medispa- the ySpa, I have only had 2 facials in my life. I had always felt that I did not have skin issues, I avoided the sun, and washed with a good low residue soap, so a facial was an unnecessary luxury that I did not need. I was wrong!

The esthetician was excellent, and attentive. The science behind the process is sound, and it was amazingly relaxing. It is incredible that a 45 minute treatment can be so reenergizing. And the results were immediately visible.

My skin felt cleaner than ever, and my complexion was drastically better. The moment I looked in the mirror, my skin just appeared healthier and more youthful. Touching it, it was so smooth and refreshed that I was blown away. Now, whether you choose to go for any kind of skin treatment after reading this is up to you, but consider the following.

I have had 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, General Surgery training, and Plastic Surgery training, and I just realized that facials are actually not just a pampering process. I will definitely go more regularly, and recommend to all my patients, man or woman, to do so as well. If you’re wanting to get a facial then check out the love and roots – Facials to see what all the fuss is about!

Come on men, embrace the modern era. Facials are in.

Educational Seminars in Plastic Surgery

Last week, we held an educational seminar on the latest information in injectable treatments in plastic surgery.  It was on a Thursday evening in February at 6 pm.  Over 50 people showed up and were eager to learn.  Some even shared experiences of injections gone “bad” in other offices and countries, testifying as if in church.  This was not scheduled or planned.

What it showed me was the need for, and desire for, education in the Hispanic community about cosmetic surgery and esthetic treatments.  While it was a great event with a Powerpoint presentation   and live patient injection demonstration, it was the amount of time that the patients stayed, asking questions and sharing stories, that impressed me the most.

When I stared Yager Esthetics (Yager Plastic Surgery originally) in 1997, it was my mission to bring safe and affordable cosmetic plastic surgery to the Latino community.  In the past 15 years, we have grown tremendously in space, patients seen, and influence in the community.  I and my 25 staff members are very grateful for the confidence of the community.

We will continue to have seminars, and participate in educational events and charitable works as we have been doing, but intend to build on this concept even more.  Please stay tuned to this website and blog for more information, and friend us on facebook (Yager Esthetics) or follow us on twitter(Yager Esthetics ) so that we may serve you better.

Do your Skin Care Products work?

During my training in Plastic Surgery, we were not allowed to talk to representatives of companies that made products for Plastic Surgery for fear of bias. Because of this, I was determined to find out for myself what worked and what didn’t.

When I opened Yager Esthetics/Estetica, I knew my patients could benefit from more than just surgery. I sought out the best in injectable fillers, like Radiesse which is an organic longlasting material with virtually no down time, and Botox and Dysport for dynamic wrinkles. We added skin treatments like the Silkpeel to our regular dermapeels, and brought in the latest in post-op massage treatments from Colombia.

The other important piece has been truly spectacular skin care products. While I have offered peels and products since 1997, and have seen great results, I wanted a way to prove scientifically that they worked, and wanted to measure the results objectively. With the Visia skin analysis computer, I am finally able to achieve that goal. It is exciting to be able to see benefits of korean skin care routine options, and other products, in such an exacting way.

The Visia is a computerized photosystem that analyzes your skin in 9 parameters such as sun damage, vascular lesions, wrinkles, and texture, and rates your skin against other patients your age to show where your problem areas are. We then select the proper products for each parameter, and after treatment we can remeasure to see the improvement in actual numbers. We can then continually modify your regimen to achieve the best possible results. Some of the most effective product lines we recommend at this time are Obagi and Skinmedica.

Just because a product feels or smells good doesn’t mean it is repairing damage or preventing the aging changes of your skin. I encourage you to come to the office for a complimentary Visia analysis and consultation with one of our Estheticians so that we can insure the money you spend on your skin is well worth it.