Don’t Let the Weather Stop You

As I write this, I am in my office on Saturday, February 9, 2013. A big snowstorm overnight has put the city in a panic. It never occurred to me not to come in. I am a doctor, a Plastic Surgeon, and I work virtually every Saturday. I have consults, preops, post op patients and return visits who count on me. I would have walked here if need be.

Most of my staff at Yager Esthetics also made it in. They are dedicated, and of good character. We are on a mission to serve the Hispanic community, and love what we do. The sidewalk has been shoveled and salted, and the first patient has arrived.

The phone has been ringing nonstop. Some patients just want to be sure we are open, others are rescheduling. We have a pool going as to the number of people we will see. Our Patient Coordinators are already busy with surgical scheduling.

It made me think, why would you not come? As long as the trains and buses are running, and the roads are clear, what else would you do today? Although it is cold and white outside, it is getting close to Spring. Let nothing stand in the way of your bikini summer. Make the effort and reap the rewards.

The Weather and Plastic Surgery

As I write this, it is about 20 degrees Farenheit outside in New York City. Just to walk from my car to Yager Esthetics is brutally cold. The wind off the water that rises from 165th Street is mercilessly frozen as it stings your skin. It is still January, and so people are still not thinking about the beach and summer activities.

As I have been in practice here for 16 years now, my surgery schedule is the same as ever. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to help so many people achieve their esthetic goals. No matter how cold, even if it snows, patients find a way to make it here for surgery.

Being a busy plastic surgeon, patients have to wait for appointments to consult with me. That is why it is so frustrating when patients cancel or fail to show up for appointments because it is too cold. I try to respect my patients’ time by not double booking appointment slots, and my office calls to confirm the night before as well. This helps to insure an efficient process for both of us. It is a sign of honor.

When I have to turn patients away for visits because my schedule is full, I feel awful when I have a gap caused by the temperature. I urge you to dress in layers, bundle up, and honor your obligation to come for your appointment, whether it is a new consult or post operative visit. You can be sure I will be there.