Taking My Daughter to the Dentist

Like all parents, my children need to be seen by doctors and dentists. I try to stay out of there way, and do not mention I am a doctor unless they ask. I am not objective when it comes to my children, and cannot act as their healthcare provider.
One of my children had dental issues requiring a procedure. The recommendation of the dentist was to give a little nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to make it easy for her. After thinking about it, I decided it was ok. I also decided to go with my wife and child.

Sitting in the waiting room, I reflected on the experience my patients have. My child chose me to go in with her, “since you are a doctor, daddy, and mommy might get scared.” I sat silently in the corner while the dentist did her work.

I thought she was fabulous, and had a great way with patients. I thanked her very much and followed the post op instructions. The office called later to check on how we were doing. It was very professional.

Although at Yager Esthetics I have always been careful to insure a great patient experience, it was nice to see the whole process from the other side for once. I am more convinced than ever that we provide one of the finest Plastic Surgery experiences anywhere. I will remember that day at the dentist, and remain mindful of the parents and spouses who are waiting while I am in surgery.

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