The Best Reason to Have Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Most plastic surgeons are happy to have patients come to see them for cosmetic plastic surgery, and focus on the physical attributes only. What I have learned is that the motivation behind wanting the surgery is the best predictor of patient satisfaction.
Seeking cosmetic surgery means that there is something about your appearance that you do not like, and that in itself is fine. But sometimes, the real motivator has nothing to do with a patient’s body image.
I have patients who seek breast implants or liposuction because there husband or boyfriend is losing interest or cheating on them. Rather than believe it is a relationship issue, they feel by looking better they can stop this behavior. In my experience, this is very rarely the case.
Some women and men feel they are passed over for promotions because the younger or more attractive coworkers have an unfair advantage, and if they can look refreshed or sexier, they will be rewarded. Unfortunately, it is usually job performance that is to blame.
While I have seen people with low self esteem blossom into more confident , happier people as a result of plastic surgery, it is when friends and family are there to encourage and support them. A jealous or mean spirited spouse or “friend” can shatter the confidence of even fairly well adjusted people.
If you are considering cosmetic plastic surgery, think about your reasons first. The best reason to have cosmetic plastic surgery is that you are happy in your relationships, have a good network of supportive people, and you are doing it to improve an area of your appearance that bothers you, not anyone else. Operating on unhappy people only makes better looking unhappy people.

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