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  • Shape is customized for each patient
  • Appointment Duration: Two Hours
  • No Down Time
  • Results last from 1-3 years before fading
  • Virtually painless procedure
  • Free Virtual Consultations Available by email:

Combined Procedures:

  • Botox/Xeomin
  • Lip Fillers
  • DermalInfusion

Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your complimentary virtual consultation, with your recommended treatment. To secure your space, a non-refundable $200 deposit is required. The deposit is applied to your treatment at your appointment.

Cancellations are required at least 48hours before your appointment. A voicemail is not sufficient for cancellation, please obtain a cancellation confirmation.


We are so excited to be bringing you the latest in Brow cosmetic treatments to fit every style. Semi-Permanent brows can last up to three years before fading. Touch Ups are Available for up to one year post treatment.

Microblading: Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique that creates a detailed ‘hair strokes’ effect. It is a beautiful natural looking option for those who want anything from a light brow fill to a fuller brow aesthetic.

Combo Brows: Semi-permanent eyebrow technique that uses hair strokes and includes shading for a fuller microbladed brow. Hair strokes plus shading creates a 3-dimensional brow, and adds more color than Microblading by itself. The look is soft at the front of the brow, while depth is added to the middle and tail.

Ombre Powder Brows: Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique by machine, which creates a soft powder look, and is more defined than microblading. Good option for oily skin types. The brow gradually becomes darker in the middle to create the “ombre” color effect.